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Gifts & Callings: Their Role in Today's Church

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Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin

Section 1
1. Introduction
2. What is the Church and Its Purpose
3. Understanding the Body of the Church
4. How Christ Accomplishes the Church's Purpose
5. The Gifts and Callings of God
6. Celibacy, A Special Calling
7. The Purpose of Gifts in the Church
8. Should Gifts be Alive In Today's Church
9. The Difference Between Work and Duty
10. Ministering for God
   a. Preach the True Complete Word at all Cost
   b. Ministering in Honesty
   c. Ministering in God's Power
   d. Ministering Through Difficulty
   e. Ministering to Those Who Oppose Themselves
   f. Ambassadors for Christ
   g. Ministers Work Together in the Harvest
   h. We are accountable for our Ministry
   i. We Must Prove our Ministry
Section 2
11. A Brief Guide to Building Your Ministry
   a. Recognizing Your Individual Calling
   b. Ministers: Students of the Bible
   c. The Source of the Message/Work
   d. The Message of Ministry
   e. The Attitude of Ministry
   f. A Watchman for Souls
12. The Lord Provides Good Pastors/Ministries
13. Signs of False Ministries
14. Women's Ministry In the Church
15. Warning to False Pastors
16. Finally, Wait on Your Calling
17. What to do if Unsure About a Calling