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Teach Yourself About Fasting - A Scriptural Guide

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Author: Apostle Kelvin Franklin

1. Introduction
2. Why Should We Fast?
    a. To Gain Power Over Demonic Forces
    b. Jesus Said We Would Fast
3. Webster's Definition of Fasting 
4. Isaiah Definition of Fasting
    a. How Not To Fast
    b. How God Wants Us To Fast
    c. Specific Requirements for Fasting
    d. We Gain Spiritually By Fasting
    e. Summary 
5. Examples of Fasting
    a. Individuals
    b. Other Reference Scriptures
6. Should We Fast Today 
7. When to Fast
    a. When Faced With Insurmountable Obstacles 
    b. When the Holy Spirit Leads Us 
    c. On a Regular Basis 
    d. Before Attempting to Cast Out Evil Spirits 
8. How To Fast (In Everyday Terms) 
    a. We Must Fast 
    b. Designate a Specific Time (Beginning and End) 
    c. Have a Specific Purpose in Mind 
    d. Begin and End with Prayer 
    e. Anoint Yourself With Oil & Wash Your Face 
    f. Read/Meditate on God and His Word
    g. Continue in Prayer 
    h. The Question of Food and Water 
9. Final Personal Note 

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